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Welcome to Ourense

Ourense, an urban reference point for inland Galicia, acts due to its location as a communications axis that connects the Atlantic northwest with the rest of Spain. In addition, it maintains close contact with Portugal, whose border is barely 60 km away.


What to see in Ourense | 10 Essential Places

Ourense historical center

The city of Ourense is not only hot springs, it also has an original Main square inclined which makes it one of the most unique in Spain and perhaps also in Europe, a historic center rich in churches and chapels. The magnificent Portico del Paraíso of the Cathedral that still preserves its original polychromy.

The location of the IMI HOTEL & SPA allows you to visit all these enclaves with a simple 5-min walk.

Tourist train

Another of the attractions that our clients ask us about the most is the thermal route of the tourist train.

A journey of approximately 1 hour from the Plaza Mayor to the Outariz hot springs, stopping at the most important tourist attractions and thermal complexes in the city of Ourense.


Departures in low season (winter)

  • From Plaza Mayor: 10h – 12h – 16h – 18h – 20h
  • From Outariz: 11h – 13h – 17h – 19h – 21h

Departures in high season (summer)

  • From Plaza Mayor: 10h – 11h – 12h – 13h – 16h – 17h – 18h – 20h
  • From Outariz: 11h – 12h – 13h – 14h – 17h – 18h – 19h – 20h –  21h

More info at:  988 510 672  |  www.urbanosdeourense.com


Ourense concentrates the essence of the different gastronomic cultures of Galicia: from the coast it adopted a fondness for octopus, and from the interior the taste for meat and vegetables from the garden. Many of the most recognized products of Galician gastronomy are produced here, several of them protected with Denomination of Origin. Bread, meat, potatoes or (of course) wine are just a small sample of the base ingredients that are present in our dishes with great variety and quality.

We’re looking forward to your visit…